Month: May 2016

WIN – With Good Decision Making

The fifth tenant of Below 100 is WIN – What’s Important Now? Many of us practice decision making every day without stopping to think about the steps we take to achieve our goals. That is true whether the decision relates to what we eat for breakfast, what route we take to work, what the priorities are in our schedules, how we operate our vehicles, or other everyday tasks. In the law enforcement and corrections environment, we must train to address not just those mundane, every day decisions. We also must train to make life and death decisions in nanoseconds –…

Stop Distracted Driving

There are three ways to avoid distracted driving:
  1. Keeping your hands on the wheel
  2. Keeping your eyes on the road
  3. Keeping your mind on your driving and avoid target fixation
Remember, you can’t do a single thing or help a single person if you don’t get there. Studies show that when a driver is not focused on the road for just 4.6 seconds at 55 MPH that it’s equivalent to driving the length of a football field while blindfolded. Always increase your safety zone if distractions arise to improve reaction time and to avoid other drivers who are distracted around…