FSRMF Launches New Survey Assessment

A very important responsibility of the Florida Sheriffs Risk Management Fund (FSRMF) is to work closely with the Sheriffs and their risk managers to identify areas that potentially pose a risk of liability, or a cause for concern for the safety of their employees.

One way we accomplish this is through onsite field visits by our loss control specialists at least twice a year, or as requested. In the past, these visits have included a discussion with the risk managers regarding their loss ratios for each of the programs they participate in. Our specialists also complete an assessment survey in conjunction with the risk manager in high-liability areas, such as the jail, courtroom security, fleet and overall office safety.

This process is designed to help identify policies, processes and areas that could pose a liability and/or risk. We then provide assistance in developing reasonable solutions to mitigate or eliminate these risks.

During the past several months, the FSRMF Risk Management Team has been working to develop a comprehensive survey assessment tool that is more relevant and focused on those areas in which we see the highest degree of claims in each of the FSRMF programs.

This identification is based on both the frequency (total number) and the severity (costs) of claims we see each day. Unfortunately, over the past two years we have been forced to raise the contribution amounts our Sheriffs are paying for the coverages, which is directly related to the increased frequency and severity of these claims.

The new survey assessment is focused on those areas previously mentioned, however, we have included questions regarding current trends and issues that are faced each day by our members. Our goal is to work together to effectively identify risks and provide our members with the resources and assistance needed to mitigate these risks.

Prior to the visits from our loss control specialists, the assessment survey tool will be sent electronically to the Sheriff’s risk managers, giving them ample opportunity to ask us questions and complete the survey. Once received, our loss control specialists will review the information provided and examine loss ratios by program for each office, then schedule a visit to discuss our findings and solutions to assist in the reduction of claims.

Our hope is that the new survey assessment will be less cumbersome to complete, but more importantly, will be focused on those areas where we continue to see our greatest risk as well as our greatest opportunity for reduction.

We place great value on our partnership with our members and appreciate the efforts of our Sheriffs and their staff to identify risks within each office and take positive action to reduce those risks.

If you have any questions regarding this new survey tool, please feel free to contact Chief Mike Crews, Risk Management Services, or any of our loss control specialists.