Workers’ Compensation Claims

The FSRMF workers’ compensation claims staff has one purpose – to provide the injured employees of FSRMF members with the benefits to which they are entitled under Florida’s workers’ compensation laws.  Workers’ compensation claims were previously adjusted by an outside party, with oversight provided by FSRMF staff.  However, beginning in August of 2017 those claims adjusting services have been taken in-house and the FSRMF now has a team of workers’ compensation claims adjusters who have more than 134 years’ experience in adjusting workers’ compensation claims.  Combined with a team of regional defense attorneys who assist in evaluating and defending claims when necessary, the FSRMF is proud to be known for taking care of injured Sheriff’s Office employees as promptly as possible.

The members of the FSRMF workers’ compensation claims team work closely with the members of the FSRMF to get injured workers back to work as quickly as possible.  As part of that process, we work with the members to establish a network of local medical providers who are best able to provide quality medical care to injured employees.  We also work with our members to establish protocols to handle certain types of claims, as well as set up return to work programs.  We believe return to work programs and getting injured law enforcement professionals back with their co-workers is often the best for those injured employees.

Finally, with regard to catastrophic injuries to the employees of our Sheriffs, we work closely with medical case managers to help the employee and their family members understand the injured employee’s medical issues and treatment alternatives.  Essentially, we are there to assist in interpreting the complex medical issues so that the employee and their family can make the best decisions regarding medical care.