Liability Claims

The FSRMF Liability Claims Department is 100% dedicated to managing and defending liability claims for Florida Sheriffs.  Our years of experience and close communication with our members have given us a clear understanding of Sheriff’s needs.  As an organization committed exclusively to Florida Sheriffs, the FSRMF balances the need to resolve claims with the realities of operating a Sheriff’s office.  For example, liability claims are not settled for fiscal prudence or expediency if we believe liability does not exist.  At the same time, we make every effort to promptly resolve claims when innocent parties are injured by negligent acts of deputies or other Sheriff’s office personnel.

FSRMF members receive seamless service to ensure responsive and dependable resolutions for all their covered liability claims.

Our claims adjusting staff consists of attorneys and adjusters with an extensive history of defending law enforcement and corrections officers.  Three of our liability claims attorneys have litigated law enforcement/corrections liability claims.  In total, our staff attorneys have more than 90 years of experience, with more than 65 years defending or working for law enforcement agencies.

Similarly, our claims adjusters have over 60 years of experience in adjusting automobile claims, with over 40 years spent adjusting claims for the FSRMF.

Finally, when liability claims covered by the FSRMF must be litigated, we partner with regional law firms selected specifically for their experience, knowledge and expertise in defending law enforcement officers for liability and/or automobile claims.  Their experience means that they understand well the operations of Sheriff’s Offices in the State of Florida and, as a result, are better able to defend our Sheriff members.