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FSRMF Claims Audit Request for Qualification

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Invitations to Negotiate

RE: Discontinue the Invitation to Negotiate Investment Manager

The Florida Sheriffs Risk Management Fund will exercise our right under the ITN to discontinue the ITN and selection process and we will not be interviewing or selecting Investment Managers as part of the ITN process. However, we will provide the Investment Management Consultant we hire with a list of all who responded to the Investment Manager ITN for purposes of determining if any respondents should be considered for selection as one of our Investment Managers.

Invitation to Negotiate
Use of Force/Response to Resistance

Respondents to this ITN are requested to return their responses to Mike Crews via email by 5:00 p.m. EST on Friday, March 11, 2016, as outlined in the body of this ITN.

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Questions & Answers

Q1. Several responses to questions posted in the ITN requires us to know approximately how many departments would receive the application and also within what timeframe (i.e. departments would at a time) or if all departments would implement the software at the same time.
A1. It is unclear how many departments or in what time frame each department would choose to implement the software. FSRMF would work with the vendor, and each department to coordinate the appropriate implementation timeline. The vendors capacity for implementation should be demonstrated/explained in these types of questions.

Q2. The term Conversion in section 2, Cost Component, can be interpreted in various ways. Can you please clarify what specific information you need?
A2. Conversion in section 2, Cost Component refers to the cost of migrating from a departments current use of force system to the new proposed use of force system.

Q3. Section 2, Cost Component, asks to provide costs for modifications requested after implementation. Without knowing what those modifications are (i.e. do they affect multiple items within the program or are they minor in nature) we could only provide an hourly rate. Would that be acceptable or are you looking for another response?
A3. An hourly rate is an acceptable response to this question as there are no modifications defined at this time.