In 1977, the Florida Sheriffs were faced with a crisis when a statewide professional liability carrier exited the marketplace. The Florida Sheriffs Association sought help from John Hunt Sr. who recommended that they solve their problem by creating the Florida Sheriffs Self Insurance Fund (FSSIF). On October 1, 1978, the FSSIF was born and 52 Florida Sheriffs began pooling their professional liability coverages.

Over the next 30 years, the Sheriffs continued to pool their insurance contributions, add new lines of coverage, build reserves and establish additional programs to meet the insurance needs of the Florida Sheriffs. In 1986, the Sheriffs’ Automobile Risk Program (SHARP) was introduced to provide automobile liability and physical damage coverage to participants. In 1992, the Sheriffs started the Florida Sheriffs Association Workers’ Compensation Program (FSAWCP) to provide statutory workers’ compensation benefits and employer’s liability insurance to Sheriffs and their employees. In 2002, that program ceased and was replaced by the Florida Sheriffs Workers’ Compensation Self-Insurance Fund (FSWCSIF).

To achieve further operational and governance efficiencies and enhance the already strong financial condition of the Programs, on August 1, 2011, the FSSIF and SHARP merged to create the Florida Sheriffs Risk Management Fund (FSRMF). On February 1, 2013, the FSWCSIF was merged into the FSRMF. In addition, FSRMF formed a wholly owned subsidiary in December, 2012, the Florida Sheriffs Insurance Agency, LLC., to assist Sheriff’s offices in the purchase of insurance coverage not available through one of the FSRMF self-insurance programs.

Today, the FSRMF is governed by a Board of Managers consisting of nine Sheriffs elected from, and by, the participating members. Since January 1, 2013, all administrative services previously provided by Hunt Insurance Group, LLC are now offered directly by the FSRMF, largely by the same professionals who previously serviced our Sheriffs as employees of Hunt.

The FSRMF has continued to flourish in an incredibly competitive marketplace because the programs and services are 100 percent focused on protecting Florida Sheriffs and their employees. With a committed staff experienced in both insurance and law enforcement, there is a clear understanding of the Sheriffs’ needs and unprecedented insight into protecting their interests and exposures.

Sheriff Sam Joyce 1st Board Chair - 1978

John Hunt, Sr. 3rd Party Administrator - 1978

Sheriff Don Eslinger and Scott Hunt of Hunt Insurance Group signing the Transitional Services Agreement in 2012