Member Services

Because no two Sheriffs’ offices share the same exposures, we work with each Sheriff to customize coverage based on specific and unique needs. Our team of insurance experts can quickly identify the coverage needs of each Sheriff and recommend the best type and level of coverage. We understand that a law enforcement agency is a high-risk operation, and don’t impose loss control restrictions or conditions on the members simply to reduce exposure if doing so is not practical.

The FSRMF Member Services team strives to make the process of selecting and purchasing the right insurance as simple as possible. We work closely with the Sheriff and their staff to handle all aspects of the quotes for renewals, new business and day-to-day member services. Utilizing the Florida Sheriffs Insurance Agency, LLC, (FSIA), we also help place coverage for special events and additional coverages that fall outside the FSRMF with the same insight that comes only from a long history of working with Florida Sheriffs.

The underwriting process at the FSRMF is not simply part of the renewal process, it is an ongoing effort. Our underwriters work closely with our automobile, liability and workers’ compensation claims adjusters, as well as our risk management staff, to constantly review and discuss issues that may impact your exposure. We are constantly reviewing new claim exposures, developments in law enforcement techniques and the implementation of new law enforcement tools, to ensure that our members have the broadest insurance coverage available.