Month: March 2016

Eliminating Accidents Must be a Top Priority

Wow! What an exciting time it is as technology is helping to keep law enforcement officers and members of the public safer! The whole world seems to be talking about autonomous driving these days, and company after company is jumping into the effort to have self-driving vehicles to one degree or another. Even if you ignore the completely self-driving configurations, just think of how far automobile technology has advanced in the last decade – many new cars have features such as self-braking regardless of who, if anyone, is driving the vehicle. At the Florida Sheriffs Risk Management Fund, we are…

Weapon Retention – Are You Prepared?

Every year skilled law enforcement officers are disarmed and murdered with their own firearm.
  • FBI statistics tell us that since 2000, at least 57 suspects have taken officers’ weapons and murdered with their own firearm.
  • Studies have shown that two thirds of offenders facing arrest were looking for an opportunity to assault or kill the officer detaining them.
  • No singular profile exists of an individual who feloniously assaults or kills law enforcement officers.
Solution to the Problem:
  1. Attitude and Mental Preparedness:
  • Be aware of your personal space 360 degrees.
  • Never let your guard down.
  • If anyone is going to be