While accounting functions may seem mundane to most law enforcement professionals, they are a critical component of any insurance operation.  Obviously, if the funds necessary for paying claims are not accounted for and available, your insurance coverage is useless.

The FSRMF Accounting Department is led by our Chief Financial Officer (CFO), a Certified Public Accountant with an extensive history of insurance accounting.  Our CFO is assisted by five other employees with more than 40 combined years of service to the FSRMF programs.

The FSRMF prides itself on meticulously accounting for every dollar of the FSRMF assets and a long history of unqualified audits.  We also pride ourselves on doing our best to make sure that every dollar received from our members earns the maximum return possible.

The FSRMF Accounting Department is the primary point of contact with the independent investment consultants and managers hired to invest the FSRMF investments and maximize returns on those investments.  Similarly, the Accounting Department works closely with the independent auditors hired by the FSRMF to conduct annual independent audits.  Finally, the Accounting Department works closely with the other departments of the FSRMF to ensure that all contributions are properly deposited, claims payments are made promptly and Members’ statements are accurate.