Risk Management

The Risk Management Department exists to be a loss control resource to the members of the FSRMF and to assist them in operating their agencies in a safe and professional manner and, thereby, hopefully reducing injuries and fatalities as well as avoiding litigation.  The Risk Management Department is a proactive force to help members reduce losses.

The Department focuses on two important factors when engaged in loss control efforts.  First, remembering that reducing unnecessary risks saves lives as well as dollars.  Second, by nature, law enforcement operations involve levels of risk not seen in other businesses or operations.  Our goal is to reduce unnecessary risks and take a practical approach to the reduction of the risks involved in law enforcement operations.

Risk Management provides coordinated and focused education and training.  The Team’s mission consists of four primary components:  research, policy review and guidance, data analytics and training.


Risk Management conducts research into new technologies and tools available to FSRMF members, as well as policies and other issues that impact either officer safety or liability for all Sheriff’s Office employees.


Our team maintains a library of policies and procedures, both actual and model, and is developing future model policies to assist FSRMF members in identifying specific needs of their agencies and modifying their policies and procedures accordingly.


Claims data, national data and the impact of new equipment, technologies and tactics on safety and liability are reviewed, analyzed and used to determine future training topics.  The data is also used to identify possible losses and trends relating to policies and other operational issues so they can be addressed before losses occur.


Whether an automobile, liability or workers’ compensation matter, the Risk Management Department can provide programs and resources to the FSRMF members as a part of our efforts to reach our ultimate goal, which is to reduce fatalities and injuries to Sheriff’s Office employees and the general public.


One of FSRMF’s primary goals is to increase Sheriffs participation in risk mitigation initiatives, and grant funding is often a valuable resource for members seeking to improve their risk management activities. Our Risk Mitigation Specialist, an experienced grants consultant, assists members with grant seeking, proposal development and grants management, as well as incorporating data analytics with state and municipal demographic data to help members develop meaningful, actionable programs to address their needs.