The Florida Sheriffs Insurance Agency (FSIA) began operations in 2013. As a wholly-owned subsidiary of the Florida Sheriffs Risk Management Fund, the primary purpose of the agency is to assist Florida Sheriffs in managing their exposures to loss, and to provide a vehicle for the purchase of insurance coverage where it is needed to protect the assets of the Sheriff’s Office and when the coverage is not available through one of the FSRMF self-insurance programs.

FSIA employs six licensed insurance professionals whose daily functions include marketing, assessing insurance needs, gathering underwriting information and working with our carrier and broker partners. Our goal is to provide the best commercial insurance options available to the Sheriffs. The types of coverages placed by the agency on behalf of Florida Sheriffs include, but are not limited to, aviation, statutory death benefits, inmate medical claim reimbursement, equipment, bonds and general liability.

FSIA provides a valuable service and stands ready to serve the Sheriffs of Florida with their insurance needs. You may contact staff of the FSIA via MemberServices@fsrmf.org, or you may call 850-320-6900. We look forward to assisting you with your commercial insurance needs.

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Catastrophic Inmate Medical Insurance