Backing Accidents Are Preventable

The following tips are ways to avoid backing accidents:

  1. Plan ahead or back in to avoid backing wherever possible selecting easy exit parking locations where backing will not be necessary. If backing is necessary back in when you arrive, rather than when you are ready to leave, at which time you may be distracted in route to another call.
  2. Roll down your window so you can clearly hear any warning or noises.
  3. Back slowly (at idle speed) and cover the brake and sound your horn as a warning when appropriate.
  4. Walk around the back of your vehicle before backing looking for limitations or hazards.
  5. Don’t delay. Get in and start backing immediately after checking behind your vehicle – any delay increases the likelihood of someone getting behind your vehicle.
  6. Scan continuously. Scan your mirrors behind and to the sides, maintaining awareness of the swing out of the front fenders as you back. Also, know your blind spots and keep mirrors clean, never attempt backing when fogged or vision is obscured!
  7. Use a spotter. If possible, use a spotter to assist you in avoiding contact with vehicles, pedestrians or other obstructions – if you lose sight of your helper, stop immediately! When in doubt, get out and check it out.

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